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Evermore Church is a full gospel, non-denominational Church in the City of Riverside, California.

“Full Gospel” is literally taking the Bible and accepting fully and totally all that is in the Bible, to revitalize the faith and fullness of the Holy Spirit as was done in Pentecost.
Full Gospel faith not only accepts the Gospel of Salvation which Christ made complete as He was resurrected from the dead, but also believes in the release from physical illness and salvation from the cursed life.

The Seven Theological Foundations of the Full Gospel

1. Faith in the Cross on Calvary – Full Gospel faith refers to the acceptance and belief of Christ shedding His blood and dying for us to provide eternal salvation so that anyone who believes and accepts Him will be born again in Christ. Since salvation was made complete on the cross on Calvary, it is part of the foundation of the Full Gospel faith.

2. Faith in the Fullness of the Holy Spirit – It is the purpose and hope of Full Gospel theology to bring back the faith of the early church Christians, the faith which clearly reflected the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

3. Faith in the Spreading of the Gospel to All the World – Those who are born again through the redemption of the cross of Jesus Christ and have received the fullness of the Holy Spirit, will naturally find their faith growing and filling them with a desire to share Christ with others.

4. Faith in the Good God – Full Gospel Faith places absolute faith in a good God, the God of love, Who not only provided the salvation for us, but continues to bless us.

5. Faith in Christ Who Carries Our Diseases – Full Gospel Faith firmly believes that Christ not only redeemed our spirits but also our bodies from the curse of disease, and that He continues to bestow that blessing on Christians today.

6. Faith in Christ Who Will Return – Full Gospel Faith is an eschatological faith which hopes for the New Heaven and the New Earth as stated in the Bible, and which allows the faithful to live in complete devotion to the Lord.

7. Faith in Sharing – Sharing faith refers to that which allows the faithful to first thank God for the blessings he has received, return that blessing through tithing, and then sharing the blessing with others. It is a redemptive, charitable faith

our pastors:
John Lein

Lead Pastor

Melodi Lein

Lead Pastor

1855 Chicago Ave Riverside CA, 92507

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